What is cine film transfer (frame scanner telecine)

It is a process using a cine film scanner to transfer a cine film on digital support, in HD 1920×1080 or 2K. 2048 x 1080 With cine film transfer (frame scanner Telecine), it is possible to perform color correction, and control brightness, contrast, and dynamic range.

What is cine film transfer acquisition speed?

Cine film transfer with frame scanning technology can capture frames at any speed. It depends on the operating mode. For films scanned in real time, standard speeds are: 12fps, 16fps, 18fps, 24fps(fps = frames per second). Always specify, if known, at what speed your film was shot.

As a rule, 8mm films are shot at 16 fps, Super 8mm films at 18 fps, 9.5mm films at 12, 16 or 18 fps, and 16mm films at 24 fps.

My films are very old and I realized that they are broken. Can you repair them?

Yes, all films are first inspected in slow motion or in a film viewing table and, if necessary, repaired and cleaned to perfection (preservation film process).

What film formats can I send for you to run the telecine?

The formats that we process are: Normal 8mm. – Super 8mm. – Single 8mm. – 9.5mm. “Pathé Baby” – 16mm. – Super 16mm. 35mm.

On which digital video formats can I transfer my films?

Cine film transfer is delivered on “Digital mov HD H264 files” but it is possible to export the files to any other video format required. Note: for file delivery, it is essential to provide USB hard drives or USB sticks of adequate capacity with the films; as an alternative, we provide them and charge for the cost.

I am a Mac or Linux user, are digital videos compatible?

Formats are standard and are therefore compatible with all operating systems.

The content of the film is extremely confidential. What are my guarantees in terms of privacy?

Total security and confidentiality. We are one of the very few firms that keep all the films in air-conditioned strongroom, as this is required to manage historical archives. As soon as films are delivered to us and until the day of shipment, storage is guaranteed in our strongroom.

Our servers are also in another air-conditioned strongroom and are not connected to the Internet.

Cine film transfer is performed only by employees with many years of experience, who abide by the rules of trade secret and confidentiality in full compliance with the Privacy Act. All demos that are posted are from our property films or films belonging to our customers who have previously authorized us.

In which towns is the service available?

Cine film transfer is performed only in our facilities in Volpago del MontelloVenice Area, where you will always be welcome during normal business hours. The service is of course available throughout Italy and European countries, using the express courier service .

Is the service aimed at Companies or Individuals?

 Cine film transfer service is available to companies, government agencies, foundations, museums, and individuals.

Will you return my original films? When will you send me the final work?

All original films are returned. Shipments are made within one business day of receipt of payment, if possible on the same day, and exclusively by express courier. After shipment, an e-mail will be sent with the parcel tracking number.