Cine film transfer 4K – UHD – 2K – HD “frame by frame” of 16mm and Super 16mm films.

Cine film transfer (telecine) of 16mm and Super 16mm films is performed with film scanner frame by frame with resolution: 4K, UHD, 2K, HD  (Pillarbox)

The film scanner scans in real time (16 – 18 – 24 fps), including the soundtrack, at resolutions up to 2K.

The file obtained from film scanner, when converted to 25 fps, exactly meets the frame rate of the movie, thanks to the ”pulldown” technique. The soundtrack is retained without any change of tone. The duration of the film remains unchanged.

Before transfer, films are inspected in slow motion or on film viewing table, to detect any physical defects. Any repairs are carried out with professional tape  film splicer Catozzo, followed by film cleaning.

The next step is scanning. At this stage, accurate adjustment of exposure, of dynamic range and calibration of color or black and white tonal scale which can be automatic or manual are possible.  Click here to find out more about our film scanner.

Cine film transfer (Telecine) is performed in these formats:

Uncompressed Avi* – Apple ProRes 4:2:2 10bit* – GrassValley HQX Superfine 4:2:2 10 bit –  Mov Quick Time HD H264 – BluRay disk* – Dvd in SD*.

Sequence of individual frames in Dpx*, Bmp*, Tif 48bit* Jpg 8bit*

Other formats are available for professional needs*.

We can acquire these types of soundtracks:

  • Mono optical soundtrack.
  • Magnetic mono audio track.

As an option to standard processing, we can provide the following services*:

  • Scanning under liquid.
  • Manual level optimization.
  • Digital removal of residual dirt.
  • Reduction of film grain.
  • Removal of vertical scratches.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Sharpness improvement.
  • Digital re-editing” of the film removing all imperfections caused by seams on the copy, damaged frames, or white frames at the beginning of scene.

* Options on request.

Films accepted:

  • Standard 16mm format with single and double perforation and Super 16mm.

  • Color positives, black and white positives. Color negatives, black and white negatives.

  • Silent films with magnetic sound, with optical sound.

Information about the characteristics of our film scanner is available in the relevant page.

For information, ask for quote, or request of a free sample test, contact us at – +39 0423 622078 (Phone only in Italian)

Some examples:
To view the demo video highest quality, please set YouTube by clicking on “Settings” (gear icon), select “Quality”, and select 1080p HD.

Example 1
16mm cine film transfer “Coppa Mussolini” acquired in HD format with the frame-by-frame film scanner.
Example 2
16mm cine film transfer “Coppa Turati” acquired in HD format with the frame-by-frame film scanner.
Example 3
16mm cine film transfer – Exceptional image definition acquired in HD format with the frame-by-frame

Example 4
16mm cine film transfer “La festa dei Banderesi” acquired in HD format with the frame-by-frame film scanner.